Fanboy Interlude

So before I go on and on about Canada and the amazing programming available on the radio and television there, I wanted to share this amazing article about my beloved Joss Whedon. Seriously, if this guy re-wrote everything, I don't think I would have as much of a problem with traditional Aristotelian structure. Plus! I don't even like Toy Story or Speed or Alien Resurrection--so why the hell do I feel like this man can do no wrong?
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2 people watched a comedy most recently.
2 people watched a porno most recently.
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Oh yeah--from now on, you can match the picture on the blog to the text in bold (not the poll results). This week, for example, the mystery phrase is Aristotelian structure. Get it?


Keith said...

So, I was riding the 15 bus this morning and saw that someone had carved this website address into a seat. Upon further examination I found other things carved and/or written with a sharpie. The penmanship was awful but I could make out a few words such as: (some name) rules, call, good time, for a beer, for a cigarette...

jeremy said...

really? and also was there also gold paint pen scribbling underneath that read "tup tim thai is the best in the city"?

Keith said...

I must have been on a different bus but I'd like to meet the classy individual with such impeccable taste!

By the way, I followed the link to the copacetic zine and read the story about your making David Sedaris laugh. I have to say that beats any celebrity encounter of mine, even seeing Tom Skerrit at dinner. I'm B-list.