Like a throat culture, only lower

I've loved Sarah Silverman longer than you. You can protest all you want, but its true. That bitch be funny. I'll never forget when she first popped onto my radar. It was during the Weekend Update on SNL and she was talking about getting a pap smear. She said, "Its kind of like a throat culture, only lower--and you don't gag--well, you kind of gag."
So Jesus is Magic is coming out soon and you can check out the trailer here. (Inappropriate for workplace). Tell me she ain't the funniest.
In blog related news, I've added some thumbnails/links to the sidebar. First are books that I've read, to the far left will be the current book I'm on. If I've written a review, then it will link to that. Othewise, you get Amazon.
Then I've added my del.icio.us links. Basically, it lets me set bookmarklets on pages that I've read. So you can follow my bizarre train of thought across the world wide surf.
That's it, I think.

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Jerome said...

Just yesterday, I was wondering if anyone else I knew used del.icio.us. Excellent timing! I've added you to my del.icio.us inbox. Unsurprisingly, my account name is bunkadoo.