Keeping you entertained

Since I'm out for the next five days, thought I'd leave you with some fun stuff.

All about Amy

1st Letterman appearance

At the New Orleans Jazz Festival

And, finally, my boyfriend and my girlfriend all in one clip

But you want music. The majority of my hits come from people lookin' for the raddest choons out there.
So, I'll direct you to this stellar mix by M.A.N.D.Y. from No Soap Radio on May 15th of this year.

And if you're still hungry for music, hopefully you've been checkin' Sean's site cuz he has a new mix up, too. As always, its great. More Rex Monday, please--and Fearless Kitchen, too, for that matter.

Well, I'll have my plane book to read while on vacay, so expect a full (glowing) review of it upon my return. Take care, everyone, and have a great Memorial Day.

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