Love in the afternoon

Love in the AfternoonI don't know why I titled my post "Love in the Afternoon." Well, I sort of do. I remember when I was a kid and home sick or over summer break and watching ABC soaps with my mom, the promos all had this cheesy-ass song that sang "Looove in the after-nooon," and for some reason that song is bouncing around in my head.
Oh, and this is it for me, no more apologies for not posting more frequently. To say that I'm still adjusting would be accurate, but I have also told myself that if I don't incorporate the blog into my new routine, it will never become, well, routine.
This week, however, has been crazier than most. I was awake well over 27 hours yesterday because I had to attend a Photoshop seminar after work. Then I bussed hom, hit the hay for a total of five hours and returned to work. Yuck. Then it was home, sleep for 6 hours and off to the premiere of
Miss Witherspoon at ACT Theater.
Tonight marks my debut as theater critic and I couldn't have picked a better play to begin my career.
You can check out my full review tomorrow on
Seattlest. For now, though, I'll just relate an interesting piece of information I uncovered while researching the play.
Miss Witherspoon, along with two other plays, was shortlisted for the Pulitzer for Drama. None of the plays won. In fact, no play won. I think that's kinda shitty, don't you? I mean, the Pulitzer for Fiction this year went to the well-researched crappily executed piece of pap,
March, so obviously the standards for the Pulitzer aren't that high.

Anyway, enough with that.
So I'm gonna do some blogpimping now.
I actually ganked the term blogpimping from
The Sean Show, the first place I'm going to direct you. (I don't know if he coined the term, but whatevs).
First of all,
dude is dreamy. Like never wake up, dreamy. (That's him on the far left.)
Secondly, he
put out a mix that, to me, sounds so quintessentially DC. Like if Scott Henry were still on my radar, I imagine he would be playing a set like this (except there'd be a Green Velvet track).

Next site I'm going to direct you to is
Tom Coates' site.
He pretty much rocks. His design aesthetic is the best I've seen.
Plus, he has a really great take on
Cyclops from the X-Men.
Also, he's in the trenches of the digital revolution and often has links to the latest and greatest on these here interwebs.

And, finally, I would like you to
read this letter to President Bush from the CEO of my company. Damn, I work for a cool company. Did I mention I'm learning Mandarin, as well?

Talk to you real soon, k?

What's that you say? You're sad to see me go so soon. All right then, one quick pic and an accompanying story.
Below is one of my fave underwear models from UnderGear (get a catalog if you don't already). He is smokin'--and not just his body either, its those smoldering eyes and that amazing lantern-jaw. Yum.
Um. Ok, where was I?
Oh yeah, imagine my surprise when I found video of him on the John Malkovich Clothing site. I'd post a direct link, but the whole site is Flash-y, so I'll just give you directions. Go to tees then click on his picture. Enjoy your day!
So damn hot!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shout out, Jeremy. You're immensely flattering.



Adam said...

You're alive!

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's definitely the jaw I look at when I see this beauty in tiny underpants.

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