What we talk about when we talk about art

Battlestar Galactica as interpreted by an artist appropriating Matt GroeningI turn off a lot. This weekend, I was cat-sitting for Kelley and I had made great plans, but I unintentionally left my phone at home and rather than going to get it, I turned myself off. I pet the cat. I slept in the most comfortable bed in the world. I watched a lame teen movie.
I read Raymond Carver.

I shouldn't read Carver he makes failure and miscommunication and angst swim in my head, but I can't take my eyes off the page. I was reading a story about a couple whose marriage is disintigrating and in a pivotal scene, their cat enters with a dead bird in its mouth. It seems heavy-handed when I write it down--like if I had written the story it would have been a dead dove or lovebird or something. With Carver, though, you feel the couple's hearts breaking and it is simultaneously balanced with their newfound detachment.
I took that detachment and have run with it--all the way until today. I'll probably hold onto it through tomorrow. Friday night I have an obligation, but for whatever reason, I don't want to go. I don't want to see anyone. I don't want to talk to anyone. Thank you, Raymond Carver.
Oh, like I said, my first theater review is up on Seattlest.
Writing for them is strange. They want quantity out of us. Length of post doesn't really matter. I never get feedback from the editor--and people rarely comment, so I never even know if what I'm writing is coherent.
So 30 is looming. I think that has a lot to do with all of the unsettlement or dissettleness or unquietude or disquietment I feel. I mean, aren't I supposed to have equity by now? How much further behind the curve am I from an average 30 year-old? Is anyone actually going to come to Peru with me? At one point, the count was 9, but now the numbers are dwindling. I know, age ain't nothin' but a number, and you're only as old as you think you are and all that stuff, but I feel like I should feel older. So I'm growing my beard again.
Oh, and for all you Battlestar Galactica fans--here's an artist mimicking Matt Groening doing character interpretations from the show. Absolutely brilliant. [via Jimbo.info]


tableofcontent said...

Hey now - we better be going to peru.

And you better call soon, just not in the middle of the night, which is now your middle of the day.


Adam said...

Thank you so much for those BG toons!! HIlarious!

GayProf said...

Hear is what I am told: 30 is the new 20. Of course, it's all people who are over 30 who tell me this. Eh.