The surrogates

I feel so lucky to have a friend like Risa whose family always includes me in their holidays. In many ways, my relationship with them is more idyllic than that with my own. Their expectations for me are much lower, and, as a result, I seldom let them down. If I'm not at an event, that's fine. If I am, even better. This family, unlike my own, does not bristle when I do something outlandish, like show my pink underwear at the Thanksgiving table. They laugh and encourage and take pictures.
So this Mother's Day, I dutifully called my own mother, then promptly headed over to Lynnie and Joyce's. As you can see from the pictures, the weather here has been abysmal. My normally nearly-transluscent skin now has a pink-to-redish tint.
Crappy Seattle weather
Hmm I thought I uploaded more pictures . . .
Anyway, this is Risa's grandmother whom I adore.
Most adorable grandma

When she walks, her shoulders bend foward toward one another, and her hips jut out in front of her. She uses one hand to supprt her lower back and has a gait somewhere between a shuffle and shamble.

So that was Sunday.
The previous night, there was a shooting at the QFC on 15th and 85th. The wounded fled to a house that is . . . right next door to me.
This was the scene-
SHOOTOUT @ 8508!
The excitement never ends.
Tomorrow (or soon thereafter) a music post.
Also, as for the turning 30 thing, GayProf said, "30 is the new 20" to which I reply, "God, I hope not."
Steve 1 turned 30 in March and he said, "I don't feel any different" to which I replied, "Well, don't you think that maybe you should?"
Oh, and I'll be in TX over Memorial Day weekend. Get to see the nieces--see, there are moments of pure happiness w/ the real fam.
So maybe we can meet up Adam!
Oh yeah, and one quick last thing that I thought was trippy and synchronistic and shizz.
So I on Friday I watched Prick Up Your Ears. Then on Jeopardy! that night one of the clues referenced "Entertaining Mr. Sloan." Trippy, huh?
Oh, if you're not following, Prick Up Your Ears (which you should *totally* watch) is about Joe Orton who wrote "Entertaining Mr. Sloan."
Playwright Joe OrtonEntertaining Mr. (Baldwin) Sloane


sherman jr. said...

Risa's grandmother is ADORABLE! How long are you in TX for???

GayProf said...

Hey, I live in Texas too. Where are you going to be?

jeremy said...

I'll be in the metroplex--Fort Worth specifically. I'll probably only be free on Friday and Sunday evening.

GayProf said...

Ooooh -- Too bad. Well, maybe you will want to come to Boston next year.

Maggie said...

After reading your posts last night I dreamt about the Nikki and Risa. What a great family. Thanks to your blog I can virtually keep up with your doings.