Beef strokin' off

This man defines lantern jaw.Wow, I got a lot of hits mentioning a certain magazine launch in the last post . . .
Apparently, I was not the only one who felt that it blew. [
here, here]
And for some reason, their web siteis actually up today. [

So its Tuesday and I've promised the boys that I'll cook for them once a week. Its not really for them, of course; I'm just excited to be able to practice my skills without feeling the wasteful repercussions of cooking for one. Tonight, a favorite from my childhood--Beef Stroganoff. I can't really find one recipe I like, so I'm going to kind of wing it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

And onto the unimportant news:

Buzzin' Fly was nice enough to put up this streamed mix by Jimpster. Its totally fresh and goes from deep to electro and back. Its good background music at work, but also bumpin' enough to keep you noddin' your head and steppin' in beat around the office. Some really, really good trax on here.

I might have already mentioned that David Lynch and Mark Frost were looking into reviving Dale Cooper.
Here's further proof (it's toward the bottom--where it says, "Coop talks Peaks"). My nipples are really hard just thinking about it--or maybe its just cuz its damn cold in the vault today.

Speaking of my favorite auteur, did you know that Blue Velvet is 20 years old? Does that make you feel old? It makes me feel old. The Village Voice talks about the lasting influence of the groundbreaking film. [

And in completely fluffy news, there's more X3 talk over at
JoBlo. Who knew that Kelsey Grammar was in it? And as Hank McCoy, no less. Trippy.
Uh . . . David Cross will be on Comedy Central in the form of an animated series. Its called 'Freak Show' and is about circus freaks by day, superheroes by night. It sounds about as lame as Mystery Men, but we can hold our collective breath, right? [here]
Update: I wrote the majority of this in the vault, but the rest was written at home after dinner. Strokin' off with the boys was pretty good. Made two tiny mistakes--the first, completely my fault. I added the flour too late so there was the occasional flour-y chunk. The second, I blame on some lame-ass recipe that had a pinch of cinnamon. I used a tiny, tiny bit, but it would have been better without it.


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