Where its at

Fankick's danceoff vs. StreetBeat.  Those bitches were robbed.So two free parties. You gotta love it. Well, maybe not. First up was the Lichtenstein show at the Henry (they need to update their site). Bill, Cam, and I hit it large like the pimps we are. I wish I had known that I was plus one, I would have brought someone to partake of the free wine and beer. Sorry y'all, maybe next time. Cameron made fun of me for wearing a turtle neck. Apparently, he has something against turtles.

We descended to the food/drink area and were greeted by
Fankick. Who doesn't like chicks dressed like Madonna ca. 1984 dancing to "People are People?" I know I do. Then we hit the bar. Yummy Snowcap beer. Finally the art. I thought it was pretty cool. There were definitely some pieces that I need to go back and see without the mass of people everywhere, but there were a couple pieces that were shiny and reflective, so people moving in the background added to them. The DJ was playing old skool classics--in fact, to warm up the crowd, he was looping a sample from Queen Samantha's "Take a Chance." [Speaking of that track, Rich over at fourfour started his first mix w/ that track. Go here to download.] We didn't stay long, but this was a throwback to Henry parties like the James Turrell summer party and the Superflat opening. I totally should have brought my camera. There were a bazillion hot, young guys there. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera due to the move. Ah, well.

Saturday night was actually the night to which I was looking forward, but it proved to be a flop of Seattle-sized proportions. Seattle Metropolitan Magazine (which apparently has no website) had their launch party at the
Paramount. Douchebaggery abounded with such well-known local celebs as:
Who's this bitch?
Kathy Casey

Dude's channeling Peter Jackson
Tom Douglas

Yes, that smile is just as disingenuous in person!
Dan Devone

Yes, it was a smorgasboard of nobodies. Thankfully, a crush or two rolled thru, as well.

Sweet Cori from The Stranger and Tullycraft. (sigh)
Cori actually took my and Kelley's picture. What a sweet boy.

Then there was this one:
Damn, he's fine.
who I've sort of been cyber-stalking--well, I sent him an e-mail thru Myspace. Didn't even look in my direction last night, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him.
The highlight of the evening was watching a bridge and ferry girl w/ no class get into it with the sweet girl who was standing behind Kelley and myself. Cuh-lassy!!
So, go to the Henry. I know I've said it before, but go to the Henry. It is Washington state's first public museum and it gets wikkid hella cool shows.


Adam said...

That bearded fellow is quite handsome.

sherman jr. said...

sorry i missed the henry! so NOT sorry i missed the magazine party. too bad. it's the same people who do Portland Monthly and i had hoped for so much more! let's hope the magazine outshines cathy casey! (a hub cap could probably do that now that i think of it)