Say goodbye to all your friends

Well, I got the job. After a week of interviews, a Photoshop test, and a Japanese language assessment, I will be leaving the land of the living and becoming a night person. I am actually looking forward to the crew with which I will be working. I'm looking forward to the work I'll be performing. I like that things will essentially be very mellow. We'll watch movies, listen to music, gossip about boys. I'll get further, more comprehensive Japanese training. I may get to travel to Tokyo to meet some of our accounts. I am, however, really freaked out about no longer having a social life--not that I have much of one now.
At least I'm moving in with the boys, so I will see some friends on occasion--and the way things are coming together, it looks like I'll have Sunday night off which equates to Jeremy dancing at Re-Bar. I'll still be underground, though not in the vault anymore, but I promise I won't leave you, gentle readers.
All I have left on my agenda is moving. Blech!


GayProf said...

Hey, Congrats on your new job! In terms of a social life, won't it just mean that it will happen at differnt times of the day?

jeremy said...

won't it just mean that it will happen at differnt times of the day?

I hope that's what it means and I'm trying not to psyche myself out about it beforehand--but I know I'll be all wonky I make the adjustment.

Tennille said...

Congratulations! Try not to sleep too late during the day. And since you're a basement person now the light shouldn't matter that much, although you should try and see some of it.

jeremy said...

Well, the basement is actually at ground level--you know how the entrance to their house is up half a flight of stairs? So I've got two huge windows that let in tons of light, and I'll have to fix that. As for sleeping late during the day--I think I'll be sleeping from 10:30-6:30. Then I'll have a few hours b4 work for errands and such.