More Monday maybe

Sorry I've been so sparse lately.
I promise a denser thicket of postings in the nearish future (after the move).
In the meantime, help me decide on a watch.
Hover over each picture for my take, then vote in comments. Thanks, y'all!! Have a lovely weekend.

(A)By the people that make the Mini Cooper
(B)I love the form and wood of this the most, but I don't know about the read out
(C)Classic design, but I'm not big on the wood w/ silver
And I'll leave you with this Virgin Atlantic commercial.


sherman jr. said...

i heart the first ones from mini!

Me said...

Number two! Number two! I love you to take number two!

GayProf said...

I also vote for number two (B). It has the most style. Who needs a watch that clearly tells time if it looks cool?

Charles said...

I like number 1 best, but I have to admit that the more I look at number 2, the more it bewitches me with its 1970s woodpaneling sexual aura.