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Arrested Development being picked up by Showtime? Fingers crossed! [Article]

And, of course, you've already read the new
David Sedaris piece in the New Yorker.

And this article talks about tons of movies that I adore. I haven't read the article, so I don't really know if its a good article, but it can't be that bad. [
LA Weekely]

And since I've been pretty low-key lately, I thought I'd touch upon some TV crap that I've let slip a little.

First off, the series finale of Arrested Development was a bit of a let down. Sure, the Justine Bateman episode was pretty inspired with her tirade mimicking GOB's from the previous season, but overall, the final four just didn't cram in the laugh-per-minute that other episodes have. Maybe they did and I just need to go back and watch them again. (Well, I have already seen them each three times.) Some people (read: douche bags) didn't like the finale at all. [
Review] Other people (read: fans) thought, like me, it was just ok. [Review]

Now onto my newest love--Battlestar Galactica. Are you watching this show? Why aren't you watching this show? Its allegorical prowess alone is far superior than anything that has ever been on TV. There are so many BIG ideas on this show. There are so many HOT guys on this show. Tonight's episode probably isn't for the unitiated, but for us fans, its been long coming. A story told entirely from the Cylons POV. I could talk about how this show questions the meaning of existence. I could tell you how this show asks what it means to be human. I could tell you that nearly every week
Jamie Bamber takes off his shirt. But, like all good storytelling, this show relies on the telling, not the tale. I don't have to justify myself to you. This show is damn fine. (So are most of the dudes in it.) [Images originated here]

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Hey, does anyone know who plays the lieutenant in the top and bottom pic?

Oh, and just cuz I like you so very, very much--Here's another mix for you. And this is probably the least dance-y I get so enjoy it while you can!!! Oh, and I made it a long time ago if you're wondering, but hey, at least they're separated out into tracks--but still, you have to remember to take the second long gap off of your MP3 player.

OK DJ V4 (Zip file)

L'Altra - Bring on Happiness
Junior Boys - Birthday (Manitoba Remix)
Lucien & Luciano - Madre, Mother, Mere
Mr. Negative - Star Spangled Banger (Original Ibiza Mix)
Matthew Dear - The Crush
Les Rhythmes Digitales - Sometimes
U.S.E. - There's Always Music
rinocerose - sublimior
Sander Kleinenberg - The Fruit
Waldorf - You're My Disco (New Romantic Mix)
(I totally forget what track this is, whoops!!)
Styrofoam - Front to Back
Felix da Housecat - Control Freaq
DJ Shadow feat. Roots Manuva - GDMFSOB (Unkle mix)
Interpol - The New
Macha Loved Bedhead - Believe
U.S.E. - Emerald City

I think I actually made this for PJ, I don't know though, just found it on the hard drive.

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