A beard is just a beard, unless its a cigar.

I've written some of my most compelling and least coherent work under the influence of delerium. Its true. High school AP History class final. Copy for Montana Ag Live. An award-winning short film. A journal entry which nabbed me "Funniest Male Aged 18-22" in Bozeman, MT for Spring Semester 1998. Yeah, top that!
Unfortunately, I don't believe that this evening's delierium will be anything of the sort. Well, It will laughably incoherent.
Been reading a
bunch of Texan blogs lately. Made me think about when I was in grade school and signed a petition to save the Dr. Pepper Tower in Fort Worth. I've always had an affinity for the beverage. I especially like the Mexican kind that is made w/ cane sugar and not corn syrup.
I really like this product. Of course, I also like Cherry Vanilla DP.
I also signed a petition to save
See? I've always been political.
If you didn't see me w/ the beard, then too late. Here are some of the reasons I'm giving to people as to why I shaved it:
A) It started to freak me out because I didn't know what products to use on it, and my
usual skin care lines offered no help.
2) Well, its just been so sunny here that I couldn't really justify looking like a mountain man in such
wonderful weather.

The real reason I shaved it--trimming accident. Idiot.

Uh. What else.
New New Yorker has a Martin Amis article, but the real star here is (big surprise) Jonathan Stern's piece. [

Pitchfork likes the new Booka Shade (just like me).

I finally got around to getting the new Concretes album, and I love it. Maybe not as much as their debut, but it feels like summer and that's what I'm craving right now, hell, that's why I shaved my beard.
Oh, and here's a
track for you to sample.
one more, cuz this shit's good.

Oh, I just thought of something funny--about beards.
My mom once told me about a dream she had where I had a beard and I came and told her that I was engaged to a woman. I wish I could have told her what a "beard" is to us 'mos.
this site, seems to think that it came into vogue in the 60's. I was thinking it was way before that. Input?

And I'll end with a couple pics of the exterior of James Turrell's Skyspace at the Henry. If you don't know Turrell, you should. I'm going to try and get a posse of people to hit up his
Roden crater when it opens.


Adam said...

You can get the cane sugar Dr. Pepper in the grocery stores in the summer here in Dallas. The original plant in Dublin distributes them for the season and it is deeeelicious! Too bad If Ands or Butts closed in the Bishop Arts district, thats where I used to get my original recipe Coke made with sugar not corn syrup :(

Anonymous said...

beeyotch - I'll always be your beard. Oh, what could have been in Reno.

sherman jr. said...

Loving the Concretes summer vibe! I have the new Brookville for you!!!

GayProf said...

When I was in college, I was a slave to the Dr. Pepper corporation. Then, during a moment of an expanding waist-line, the good doctor and I parted. Now it’s TaB all the way (which is why I will soon be dead of cancer).

It’s funny you eliminated you beard as I just grew mine back after experimenting with GayProf sans hair. All my straight-women friends liked the clean-shaved look, but all my gay-male friends preferred the beard. Since I only want to sleep with one of those groups...

jeremy said...

Music, beards, and Dr. Pepper--my friends, IRL and OL, are good people. Wish I saw you more frequently (or for the first time).