You frisky little Minx

Damn lady, you know how to throw.
Last night we were lucky enough to get the ever-fabulous DJ Minx at the Baltic Room. She brought the thump from Detroit with a smidge of Chi-town flava. And, like so many DJs who've blown through lately, she reminded me that my musical proclivities are often wrongheaded. She got me onto the dancefloor with a dope remix of Kerri Chandler's "Bar A Thym," proving, once again, that I don't know a good track when I hear it. (See?)
The were some squelchy, acid-y tracks. There was the odd electro track, but bitch knocked it out with overstated techno. I mean, the melodies were gilded and the basslines were large. Who ever said that the only good techno is minimal? (Probably me--but I've been wrong before.)
If she ever rolls through your town, go see her. You won't be disappointed.

Also this weekend, I made dinner for the guys. Chicken manicotti al fredo. Simple al fredo sauce. Manicotti stuffed w/ chicken, spinach, onion, garlic, ricotta, mozz., and gorgonzola. Topped it w/ orange bell pepper. It needed more salt, but was pretty good. The salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette definitely helped cut the creamy main dish.
Mmmm, creamy.

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The Persian said...

That looks like it was a lot of work. My mother is an Italian who cooks like a maniac. I still can't stand Ricotta tho, it's consistency especially.

But I would so try that Chicken Manicotti you made, something about it makes me hungry.