My ears are melty

Just a quick link to two superb tracks by two superb producers.
Swayzak have been around for quite sometime. Snowboarding in Argentina came out way back 1998 and was well-recieved. Go back and listen to it if you own it. It pretty amazing how little this album has aged.
There has been a healthy dose of albums and remix work since then.
James Taylor (no, not that James Taylor--the one that's half of Swayzak) released one of my favorite albums last year--Carthage Milk.
Stuido K7 just released the duo's newest, Route de la Slack and its pretty damn good. The best part about it is that it compiles a bunch of the remix work.
They remixed one of my favorite bands, Tahiti 80. And this track is hot.
So for your listening pleasure--
Oh, and if you're keeping track, here's my newest scathing review on Seattlest.

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sherman jr. said...

"snowboarding in argentina" will forever be a fave! better with age (like some people i know)