Short like me

Hey y'all, so its day two and I'm whupped. Of course, the bus home was full of little children who were on their way back to school from a feild trip to ride the ferries, so I got stuck standing up for about half the way. I did make it to the gym (for like the fifth time this year, yikes!).
So, since I can hardly manage the energy to type, I'm just gonna cut and paste the Jeremy version of news:

Kim Gordon and daughter to appear on the finale of Gilmore Girls. [
article] They get some pretty impressive guests on that show--Madeline Albright, Norman Mailer, Carole King--now Kim. Pretty impressive (especially considering that this season sucks).

Now that Arrested Development is officially kaput, Will Arnet can move to the big screen. [

Here's an article that discusses the disconnect in queer cinema. [
article] And the author has a pretty glaring research prob--he calls Todd Solondz a homo. Isn't that supposed to be Todd Haynes?

Oh, and if you're not watching Boston Legal, maybe you will soon--Parker Posey to guest star. [

Sorry there's no salacious anecdotes to relate--I promise the boy crush story to surface soon (as soon as I find some bad poetry from the days of yore).

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