I did it all for the cookie

So, I'm supposed to wax poetic about voting or something so I can get cookies from Texas.
It doesn't really take cookies to motivate me to write about voting.
In fact, I'm greatful that
Adam by way of Hypoxic reminded me that since I've moved, I'll have to update my information and subsequently figure out where I cast my vote.
See, the fact of the matter is, I'm a pretty political person. In the beginning of the year, I called my representatives (and others) in Olympia to help pass two bills which would make shooting films in Washington state a more viable option for production companies by giving them tax and lodging incentives. How does something like that affect me?
Well, I did go to school for Film and Television production. I am a card carrying member of 911 Media Arts and the Northwest Film Forum. I do volunteer for the Seattle International Film Festival and the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Even though I like to think of film as an art form, it is, probably more so, an industry. Industry is governed by legislation which is written by people we vote into office. They may or might not have us in mind when voting on such legislation, and if we call them, send them e-mails, show up at their doors on a semi-regular basis, they are more likely to take our needs into consideration.
Its kind of strage, though. I mean, I live in a very liberal city with a very high voter turnout. All of my friends are politically minded and vote every two years. I think we would all vote more frequently if given the opportunity.
Here in Ballard, the local cupcake store was giving out "Baby Cakes" if you voted. So, let's recap:
Vote = Brownie
Tell people about vote = Cookie?

And Jesus everyone's been on back about updating this bitch. And shit, I'm sorry, but fer real, this is my second week of ye olde graveyarde and this weekend I went to Sander Kleinenberg, Jimmy Edgar and Jamie Lidell.
Tonight, I'm hittin' up Matthew Dear.
Tons of pictures and stories to follow.

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