The gayest gay that ever gayed

I am gayer than this.
Last night was a total blast. Hit up Bill's for the 3 hour marathon of MustGayTV. 3 hours, 3 bottles of champagne, 3 big ol' homos. It was so gay that we had to periodically open the window to let some gay out. It was so gay that we had to scrub the gay out of the couch. It was so gay that I gayed five times and no one noticed.
I won our humungous pool for "Who would win?" Chloe. Give me your dollar bills. That's right, I made $2. Boom. Drinks on me next time.
Bill made a lovely polenta topped with goat cheese, basil, and a roasted tomato compote. There were also crazy-good-lemongrass-thai-things with an equally bomb dipping sauce (sorry, I was too busy shoving them in my mouth to pay attention to what they were). And cookies. And champagne. And laughter--so, so much laughter.
Can you believe that neither Bill nor Cam knew about anal bleaching? (That was one of the times when I totally gayed all over the place.) Its nice to know that I can pass along important, community-oriented, political issues to the boys.
So, onto ANTM. Who's my favorite in ANTM? Tough to call. As far as who I believe makes good TV? I wish that crying bitch would have made the cut--if Rich did his "Rolling Crying Count" again, that hooker would have brought the total into the triple digits. The racist was ridiculous. The fact that Tyra is trying to become more compassionate, or whatever, because of her talk show is retarded. 3 more months of gaying out to the gayest!! I live with 3 straight guys so I pretty much know for a fact that, if you are a male and you watch ANTM, you either have a girlfriend and are very kind, or you like the pole.
In case you were wondering, I think the concesus was Nnena (verified by a text message from Paul), then Sara and Mollie Sue.

So now that I've finally puked out most of the gay in the bathroom at work today, I'll go on to the Jeremy-style news--which is still pretty gay:

Did y'all know that
John Malkovich is a clothier? Malkovich, malkovich. MALKOVICH!!!!

I have to wait until August for the new
Junior Boys album. That's cool. I'm a patient man. I'm almost 30. I can do it.
Pitchfork has a tracklisting. I find it a tad pequliar that this track isn't listed. The title is "So Sleep." It wasn't on their first album, either, so maybe it'll show up on a B-side somewhere. The part that intrigues me is, I think this is an excellent track. I think it is very indicative of their sound. If this didn't make the cut for the second album, how good must these songs be?
Also, if you saw the JBs on their last tour and actually look at the merch table beyond, "T-shirt. Want. Buy." to see the mix CD they put together, please burn me a copy or send me a link to a downloadable file. Yes, I am that obsessive.

Jerry Abstract and NordicSoul put on a free show tonight at Nectar. Too bad I'm spent. Too bad its in Fratmont. Too bad its at Nectar. I do love free though, so you never know. If you don't know/haven't heard either of these two hometown heroes, they play some ferocious beats with an emphasis on ass-shaking. Oh my god! Its techno music. [e-flyer]


Scott said...

Oh. It's so gay, it makes my teeth hurt! Cheers.

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eres un maricon de mierda

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