One, two, FREE

This week is filling up with stuff to do. The winter doldrums are giving way to the exuberance of spring, and I'll be the first to tell you, it angers me a little.
See, I like the rain. I like the diffuse lighting from cloud cover. I like the marine layer. I like the mizzle. I like my sweaters. I like feeling ensconced in weather. I don't like feeling like the sunshine is out to get me. I hate shorts. I hate sunglasses. I hate flip-flops (or, as I used to call them, thongs).
So in appreciation of the weather, I got World of Warcraft this weekend. I need something to keep me inside.
Anyway, this week will see me out and about.
Mainly cuz, when shit's free. I be there.
Tonight is this event @ the Premier w/ Pretty Girls Make Graves, Helio Sequence, and Aqueduct. The latter is the only one I'm mildly excited about--oh, and free beer.
Tomorrow is the sneak of Thank You for Smoking @ Pacific Place.
Saturday is the opening of some new, lame club.
I'm going to try and see if I can't wrangle a ticket to The Pillowman and that will officially make this one of my busiest weeks ever.
Plus, I'm training the new kid at work and gearing up for a life on the Graveyard.
In more serious news, my sympathies and condolences go out to the friends and family members of the six people who were slain early Saturday on Capitol Hill.
I am angry with the perpetrator's reckless actions and I am angry with the bent that news sources like the Seattle Times are taking regarding the incident. It is not the fault of the music. It is not the crazy hours. It is one man and his psychoses that attacked those people.
Rest in peace.

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