I'm a failure. I can't even fake the death of a stripper.

Wednesday. Frak. Longest work day in a very long time.
Anyway, since it feels like this vault is some sort of No Exit punishment--only without the hell of people--I figured I'd make a tiny post of inconsequentiality. (Is that even a word? It is now.)

Nice sack Have you seen this nut-grabbin
M&M commercial from the UK? [via Bobs Yer Uncle]

Uh. What else--Oh yeah, Julianne Moore is hitting the Great White Way for David Hare's The Vertical Hour. Sounds like a trip to NYC, to me. Some people (Feb. 15th entry) find her choice of roles repetitive. I, however, find myself drawn to her ability to flesh out the minutiae of each character. [Article]

And, finally, a blast from the past. Y'all remember Blair? It was easily one of my favorite sites when I was a youth. That was all the way back when I was doing the web thing via Geocities. Writing about a fictional version of the Flowers in the Attic going to Broadway with RuPaul as the grandmother. If you've never checked out Blair before, go there now.

Hope you're almost over the hump that is humpday.


Bob said...

Thanks for the nod. Go see Julianne Moore in anything! She is amazing.

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