You a winner, ha ha ha

Asia ArgentoHey look, everybody!! I won a T-shirt from the Manhattan Offender! This makes the second thing in my life I have won. The first being a trip to DC over Easter weekend to see Deep Dish at (now defunct) Buzz @ Nation.
The T-shirt is from the movie The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things directed by Asia Argento and based on JT LeRoy short stories. If you're not familiar with all the hubbub about LeRoy, check this out. LeRoy is a great literary scam far surpassing Oprah's whipping boy.
Asia Argento, however, is what gets me hot about this film. She is the daughter of Dario and a decent filmmaker in her own right. She starred in her father's film The Stendahl Syndrome which brought a whole new level to the way that I viewed art.
Basically Stendahl syndrome is what happens when you're confronted with an array of art and it suddenly becomes overwhelming and causes an emotional overload. It can lead to panic attacks and dementia, which, in my book, is pretty damn cool. It happens a lot to visitors of Florence.
I have experienced Stendahl syndrome once. There was an exhibit at SAM of modern artists. It was a modest collection with pieces from Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Rothko. After seeing quite a few works, I turned the corner to be confronted with a huge Hockney. It had to have been 10 feet tall. It was a painting of a man on a couch facing the viewer and another man in profile. The coffee table in front of the man on the couch had a huge paint blotch. When I saw this painting, I burst into tears. There was no reason whatsoever for it. It was strange and powerful experience.
So yeah, I'm looking forward to this film.

In other, less exciting news--
Charisma Carpenter is still hoping for the Wonder Woman role. Personally, I think she could be really great in it. [Article]

And if you want some music, here's a Marques Wyatt stream from Groove Parlor. Marques brings that west coast flava like nobody's bidness.

Also, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are on Letterman tonight. Maybe we'll get some railing against Scientology for Chef's departure? One can hope.


tableofcontent said...

You're a winner! I always knew you were.

keith said...

you are indeed a winner. the last thing i won was a book by jhumpa lahiri that i haven't read. speaking of books, what was that murakami book you were telling me about at brunch a few weeks back? i think you said it was his first or one of his first...

jeremy said...

hey keith -
murakami's first book is 'Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.' there's a link to it in the sidebar under 'read this'. it is my favorite--maybe not his best, but, for me, the most interesting. being someone who comes from a visual arts background, that book is crammed with imagery and, to this day, passages still stick out for me. it is also one of the better-translated books.
nice link to the dead deaf texas girl. it was all over the blogosphere yesterday. i think this was my favorite take on it.

GayProf said...

Charisma Carpenter is still hoping for the Wonder Woman role. Personally, I think she could be really great in it.

Excuse me -- Aren't you forgetting a certain homosexual academic who would be perfect for that role?

jeremy said...

Oh snap! Burned by the GayProf--personally, I would like to see you and Charisma GET INTO IT! A cat-scratchin', hair-pullin', bitch-slappin' tussle. Whoever comes out on top, gets to be WonderWoman--maybe they can even shoot in Boston when you turn Charisma into Disenchantment.

GayProf said...

Please -- Charisma would be lucky if she gets to play Orana.

There can only be one Wonder Woman -- Now I am going to get into my invisible jet and fly away.

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