My I don't have to run day

Update: I'm an idiot!!
I'm about five days early on Mike and Janice's anniversary! Whoops! Turns out, I have my Yahoo reminder remind me 5 days before. And also, they've been married for six years, not 7. Guess I'm not a good friend. But, we all knew that.
First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MIKE AND JANICE!!!! This adorable couple have been together for . . . holy crap . . . 7 years now! Way back in '99 they tied the knot in an adorable chapel just north of Austin. I was lucky enough to attend. Now they live up here in the PacNW, and are busy making names for themselves. Congrats on 7 years of marital bliss you two!!!
Now onto less important things:
Did you see this Chris Durang piece in the Huffington Post? He's pretty much a genius and totally hysterical. He went to Yale or some such snotty school w/ the likes of Sigourney Weaver, but don't hold that against him!! He's also one of the most talented American playwrights. If you ever get a chance to see one of his plays, I'd HIGHLY recommend it. His play Miss Witherspoon will be at ACT Theatre in April.
Oh, and just because I'm crazy and obsessive, here's a link to a great David Foster Wallace story about being on the set of David Lynch's Lost Highway.
Happy Monday(s) everyone!

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