The night in pictures

Kelley, Bill, the Steves and I hit the Premier last night for some free beer and free music. I think we had a good time--I was 2 and a half hours late for work today.

Artist's Statement: This last image is really more about the juxtaposition with the previous image.  The beer around the nachos are supposed to represent the implied urine in the latter picture.


Adam said...

Ooohhh. You're real!!

tableofcontent said...

damn, who's the cute boy at the top? I need to get some of that!

keith said...

my phone told me that I didn't miss anything by staying home...that's a shame. it looks like you all had a good time anyway.

jeremy said...

Adam - Sometimes I'm real. Most of the time, I'm totally fake.
Nilla - Aww, so sweet. Now grow a penis for me, m'kay?
Keith - We had a good time. The sets were short. Aqueduct was chaneeling the Killers and it grossed me out, but Helio Sequence threw it down. Oh, and nice with the Loose Fur link. That Jim O'Rourke is one wacky mofo.

GayProf said...

Good to put a face with the bloggy.


Anonymous said...